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SIA 'Balttehnika' is offering the widest range of mowers from Belarus, Poland and Italy:

 •  Hinged segment-finger mowers

 •  Rotary drum-type mowers (including mowers with conditioners)

 •  Rear disc mowers (including mowers with finger and roller conditioners)

 •  Front / side rear flail mowers

Hinged segment-finger mower KS-2,1B-4

Hinged segment-finger mowing machine is designed for the sowed and natural grass mowing on the flat country and for the splay grass packing in the ricks. As compared to analogues the mowing machine KS-F-2,1B-4 has more firm frame and beam of cutting mechanism inclination is simplified and safeguard efficiency become higher. At client request the enterprise produces mowing machines with length of cutting mechanism of 1,6 m. At present the enterprise makes roll arrangements PV-2,1. At presents the enterprise make roll arrangements PV-2,1, designed for peas, vetches and other legumes mowing and for the splay grass packing in one or two ricks.

Technical parameters

 Mowing width, m  2,1
 Working capacity, ha/h  max 2,3
 Weight, kg  max 9
 Speed, km/h  2,44
 Mowing height, mm  40-60
 Power requirements, kW  10
 RPM  540
 Tractor, kN  6-14
Technical parameters
 Type of mower:  Z-070/1  Z-178  Z-125/1  Z-010/2
 Mowing width, m  1,35  1,65  1,85  2,10
 Number of knives  4 (2x2)  6 (3x2)  6 (3x2)  8 (4x2)
 RPM min-1  540  540  540  540
 Tractor capacity, HP  20  30  40  40
 Working capacity, ha/h  1,4  1,7  2  2,4
 Weight, kg  245  360  410  520
 Possible to use with conditioner      +  +

Advantages of rear disc mowers:

 •  Strong cutter bar of our own proven design and manufacturing

 •  Sliding shoes made from HARDOX steel

 •  Adjustable cutting height up to 7 cm

 •  Longer knives (115 mm)

 •  Swath discs form nice swath ready to be picked up

 •  Hydraulic lifting included

SAMASZ discs are manufactured from high-grade steel, their wear areas are hardened by pad welding, making them stone protected and extremely durable. Quick knifes replacement with mounting lever eliminates any other tools. By combining discs and forming drums, different widths of single or double swath can be reached. Specially designed and recommended for large farms in the view for cutting economy, disc mowers require 20 percent less tractor power than the drum mowing machines. Hydraulic lifting is also included in the rear disc mowing machines.

Technical parameters
 Type of mower:  Z-108/3  Z-108/4  Z-108/5  Z-108/6
 Mowing width, m  2,10  2,50  2,90  3,30
 Swath width, m  1,2-1,7  1,5-2  1,5-2  1,5-2
 Number of discs  10  12  14  16
 Number of knives  10 (5x2)  12 (6x2)  14 (7x2)  16 (8x2)
 RPM, min(-1)  540  540  540  540
 Power demand, HP  40  70  90  100
 Working capacity, ha/h  2,3  2,8  3,5  4
 Weight, kg  660  710  690  730
Advantages of finger conditioner:
 •  Accelerates drying
 •  Eliminates tedding
 •  Lower losses of forage ingredients because of reduced handling
 •  Always even swath for balers collecting
 Type of mower:  Z 108/1+Z 347/4  Z 108/8+Z 347/4
 Mowing width, m  2,10  2,50
 Swath width, m  1-1,3  1,2-1,5
 Number of discs  5  6
 Number of knives  10 (5x2)  12 (6x2)
 RPM, min(-1)  540  540
 Power demand, HP  60  90
 Working capacity, ha/h  2  2,5
 Weight, kg  805  860

Hydraulic lifting included. Crop is crumpled up with two spiral rubber rollers turning in opposite directions. Mowers are prepared to be equipped as an option with finger conditioner models Z 347 or Z 347/4.

 Type of mower:  Z 108/1+Z 345/3  Z 108/8+Z 345/3
 Mowing width, m  2,10  2,50
 Swath width, m  1,2-1,5  1,2-1,5
 Number of discs  5  6
 Number of knives  10 (5x2)  12 (6x2)
 RPM, min(-1)  540  540
 Power demand, HP  60  90
 Working capacity, ha/h  2  2,5
 Weight, kg  1005  1060
Rear disc mower KDN-210
 Type of mower:  KDN-210
 Mowing width, m  2,10
 Swath width, m  1,5
 Number of discs  4
 Number of knives  8 (4x2)
 RPM, min(-1)  540
 Power demand, HP  30
 Working capacity, ha/h  max 2,85
 Weight, kg  530
 Speed  max 15 km/h
 Mowing height  4-8 cm
Semi-trailed mower crusher KPP-3,1
 Mowing width, m  3,10
 Swath width, m  1-1,5
 Number of discs  4
 Number of knives  8 (4x2)
 RPM, min(-1)  540
 Power demand, HP  30
 Working capacity, ha/h  max 2,85
 Weight, kg  530
 Speed  9-15 km/h
 Mowing height  4-8 cm
 Tractor, kN  14-20
There are two flail mowers types:
 •  Front-rear flail mowers;
 •  Side-rear flail mowers;

Design of Front-rear flail mowers enables working on the front or rear of tractor. Front-rear flail mowers are high quality machines which will allow you to do the finish cut you need for parks and recreation areas, fairways, athletic fields, and large acreages with good quality turf. The 145 series flail mowers are available in cutting widths of 1,40 m; 1,60 m; 1,80 m; 2,00 m and are designed to be powered by the 540 RPM 40-100 HP tractors. Advantages: 1) Destroys and mulches grass or weeds and cuts brush up to 2 cm diameter; 2) Mower leaves an even mat of mulch for faster decomposition; 3) Additional 25 HP (19 KW) is recommended for tall weeds and intermittent brush; 4) Design.

Front-rear flail mowers  Z-145  Z-145/1  Z-180  Z-145/3
 Mowing width, m  1,40  1,60  1,80  2,00
 Number of discs  5  Z108/1+ Z347/4  Z108/1+ Z 347/4  Z108/1+ Z 347/4
 Number of knives  22  24  28  30
 RPM, min(-1)  540  540  540  540
 Power demand, HP  40  60  80  100
 Working capacity  0,60  1  1,30  1,60
 Length, mm  1040  1040  1040  1040
 Width, mm  1625  1890  2155  2420
 Height, mm  700  700  700  700
 Weight, kg  380  410  490  510

The Side rear flail mowers are designed on 145 series base. They deliver a clean cut, safe operation and dependable service. The vertical action of the free swinging and self-cleaning knives slice through the grass, turning the clippings into a fine mulch which decomposes faster and returns nutrients to the soil more quickly. The specially-designed hood distributes cut material across the full width of the mower and deflects thrown objects downward instead of outward. The 20 cm diameter rear roller maintains the cutting height and prevents material from being thrown from underneath the mower. The balanced cutter shaft provides vibration-free operation and the heavy-duty mainframe delivers years of dependable service.

Side rear flail mowers

 Type of mower:  Z-146  Z-146/1
 Mowing width, m  1,40  1,60
 Number of knives  22  24
 RPM, min(-1)  540  540
 Power demand, HP  50  70
 Working capacity, ha/h  0,60  1
 Weight, kg  615  750

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